Audits & Inspections

Ground – Climbed – Rooftop – Drone Mission

Count on Skeyesight’s technicians to gather complete and accurate data or provide thorough assessment of the structure or installation condition.

  • Compound and Shelter Audits
  • Tower and Appurtenance Audits
  • Tower Mappings
  • Mount Mappings
  • TIA Inspections
  • Modification Inspections
  • Third-party Installation Audits
  • Small Cell Node Site / Polygon Audit



Construction / Project Management

A&L Installation – Site / Tower Maintenance – Decommissions
Skeyesight’s Project Managers are responsible for the complete project; beginning to end.  Throughout the project execution, they keep the customer up to date on the status and help resolve any issues that might arise.
  • Full Installations or Upgrades
  • Tower & Site Decommissions
  • Closeout Inspections & Corrections
  • Enforce Safe Work Practices
  • Source & Manage Contractors
  • Verify Construction Specifications