Skeyesight Telecom Services was created in 2018 as a field services company serving the Wireless Telecommunications Industry. We bring 15+ years wireless telecom experience with expertise in Tower Structural Analysis, Audits, Inspections, Mappings, Project Management, and Construction Management.

We at Skeyesight have intentionally created a service company and believe that customer and employee relationship and service are key to our mission.

We have seen a need and an opportunity for a professional commitment to field work.  As the “last mile” of a long and complicated design and build plan, field work should be treated with the same professionalism as other required process steps: RF design, sourcing, leasing, engineering, A&E.  Because no matter how well a system is designed, the network will only perform as good as it is installed.  We look at the tower, appurtenances and installed equipment as if it is ours, and look to perform work or make sure that work is performed with a high commitment to quality and correctness.

We believe that advancing technology is crucial to doing things better, safer and more accurately.  We continually look to develop, adopt and implement technology as tools that will accomplish these things.  That is why we are investing in drones and pilots, photogrammetry, and other 3D technologies in addition to traditional data gathering methods like climbing and measuring for our bag of tools.